Teddies Toddler Group

Friday Mornings (Term Time Only) 9.30am – 11.15am

Teddies Toddler Group is open to all parents/carers from bump to Three years old (when a child receives their early years entitlement funding) and is a great opportunity for parents and children to socialise and meet new friends. Teddies is led by a member of Bow Bears staff and runs alongside the Pre-School on a Friday morning from the community room.  Activities can vary depending on the ages within the group, but are designed for parents to interact with their child. We have treasure baskets for young children to explore with lots of different natural objects and materials such as wooden dolly pegs, metal containers, crochet squares and much more.  These are a great way for younger children to investigate their surroundings and environment.  One of the most striking things about watching babies engaged in treasure basket play is their level of concentration. They often spend a long time mouthing and touching an object that appeals to them. It is also thought that because babies are ‘in charge’, they can gain feelings of independence and mastery. This will ultimately support children’s self-esteem. In addition, the play will help babies in developing hand-eye co-ordination and also learning about shape, size and depth. As children take pleasure in creative play by doing rather than focusing on the end result we encourage this by providing materials such as crayons, chalk or soft pencils; painting using thick brushes and non-toxic paint; collage and junk modelling using non-toxic glues with spatulas or brushes and a wide variety of materials; Babies & Toddlers need sufficient time to explore and develop their own ideas. For example if the child is happy simply gluing without sticking let them continue. The development occurs during the activity and is not based on an end result or product. Remember it is their own work and not that of the parents! Snack time is always a fun time with a choice of milk or water to drink and fruit to eat, in line with our healthy setting guidelines whilst parents enjoy a well-earned cup of tea or coffee! The sessions usually end with a group sing a long where the children can join in with actions and also play along with instruments. Teddies Toddler Group is a fantastic start to your childs educational journey at Bow Bears.